OverSite by MollieSoft - Free Windows program to monitor websites. Shows an up/down timeline graph.

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Run OverSite on your Windows PC to monitor your internet connection, or any website!

Do you find yourself checking your internet connection every minute? Then relax! Let OverSite obsess for you instead!

Check it out today!      Current Version:, released July 15, 2023.

OverSite monitors websites and shows an up/down timeline graph.

  • Use OverSite to track when your internet connection was up or down, by monitoring well-known sites.
  • Monitor any number of web sites to see a timeline of when they are up or down.
  • OverSite can send you an email when a site goes up or down!
  • Within your router, monitor an individual computer's IP address to see when it is awake or asleep.
  • OverSite uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ping), a lightweight mechanism to determine if a website is up or down.
  • OverSite is absolutely FREE!

Requirements: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Read the OverSite FAQ

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Change Log: -

  • Other site watchers can depend on the Internet watcher, to avoid spurious "site down" notifications.
  • Simplified notify rules fallbacks. Each site watcher or site can use custom rules or the default rules from program settings.
  • Various minor UI improvements. -

  • To prevent spurious notifications, ignore notification rules immediately after machine wakes from sleep or immediately after a site transitions from disabled to enabled.
  • Added a countdown indicator showing seconds until the next poll. -

  • Notify by email when a site goes up/down.
  • Export the transitions for a site watcher to an Excel file.
  • Added ping indicator on main window. -

  • New setting "Start minimized" to always start OverSite minimized to the system tray.
  • OverSite now shows "Modern Standby" state (for new instant-on laptops) as a sleep period.
  • Various bug fixes. - Initial release.

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