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MollieSoft makes useful software for your Windows PC.

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WinSleep  is a Windows utility (sleep program) that keeps your computer asleep when it's not busy.

WinSleep, combined with the remote management program WinSleep Monitor, gives network managers a complete solution for managing sleep/wake periods for all their Windows PCs!

Relieve the tedium of your drab, wretched Windows desktop with the dazzling, powerful (but soporific) utility WinSleep!
"My name is WINSLEEP! Are you not amused...?!"
"WINSLEEP has been proven to be a safe and effective remedy for the curse of Windows insomnia."

WinSleep  is the remote manager for WinSleep.

- Monitor your computer while sojourning in far off lands! (Internet connection required.)
- Keep track of your WinSleep from anywhere in the world.

PodSilo  is an automatic podcast downloader for Windows PCs.

PodSilo makes it easy to keep up-to-date with your favorite podcasts!

AudioWeb  plays your audio files from any web browser!

- AudioWeb is a personal website for all your audio files.
- Take your audio with you wherever you go! (Because desktops are too heavy.)


OverSite  monitors websites and shows an up/down timeline graph.

OverSite can tell you when your internet connection was up or down!


PodSilo  is a file copy program for Windows PCs.

BitCopy is a fast file copier, with full control over exactly which files are copied; use schedules to automate copy runs.

BitSilo  is a backup/restore program for Windows PCs.

BitSilo backs up your files automatically!

DriveSnap  is a searchable files catalog for Windows. Tame the wilderness of your USB drives using DriveSnap!

Use DriveSnap to search for files on USB drives, DVDs or network shares even when they are not available.


FileBadger  is a file search program using MollieSoft Query Language for fast and flexible searches.

Data hoarders rejoice! Find your files the quick and easy way with File Badger.

FileMancer  transfers your files from your PC to any other device.

FileMancer transfers e-books from your PC to an iPad/iPhone, or any device with a web browser!


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